Saturday, 29 November 2008

From Amsterdam To Singapore

Flight SQ323 at Schipol airport, Amsterdam

Stopped over at Singapore yesterday (29/11/2008), after a long haul flight from Amsterdam. Good shopping progress made for me, and as usual at this time of year, Singapore is all decorated and lit-up at night, for the upcoming Christmas. By the way, their shops closes at 11 pm!.. A shoppers paradise, shop 'til you sleep..

Orchard Road from The Coffee Club

Orchard Road in a festive mood

The Centre Point glittering with deco lights

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Den Haag (The Hague)

Yesterday, Sat 22nd, we went to The Hague. Used the tram, tram no.17, from Risjwijk (tram-stop was close to the hotel) - and I think it took us 15 minutes to get there.
Arrived at The Hague Central, wind was blowing, bringing the temperture down to about 4 deg. C.... was it cold! Hail came down every now and then too.
Earlier on, we greeted two Champion-7 colleagues, Zainol & Khalid, who had just arrived that morning. They're here for a week's training on maintenance engineering. Pg.Hj.Sufian and I helped them to check in. It was good to have more Bruneians here!!
In the tram (No.17) to The Hague

A scene at The Hague (windy & bits of hail)

Inside on of the malls, "hanging little men" - decos ready for Christmas

Outside H&M dept store

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

H&M Dinner at LED, Grand Winston Hotel

A 3 course meal. Well presented...see the photos. Quite an experience though; here's a few things we had: apple froth (thought that came from the dishwasher!), cheek (more of roast beef), mini burgers (sweet...)...and in the conversations came about pirates, the SAS, intelligent rabbits, worms...quite a wide range of topics!

Thanks Arjan or Sam for the dinner!

In Holland

Arrived in Holland safely on Sunday. Put up at the Bastion Deluxe hotel, Rijswijk, not far from Shell EP offices - 7 minutes walk. A good brisk walk, not that I would do in Brunei, going to work! Temperature goes down to 7C at night...

Settling in nicely at the offices, and met quite a number of people already, and getting some good info I could take home.

Day light is short here at this time of the year...and these photos of the Shell building (EPiCentre) were taken at 8 am!

Saturday, 15 November 2008


Off to Amsterdam today, and now in transit at Singapore's Changi Terminal 3. My SIA flight is at 11.50 pm...almost midnight! Good that I can use the Silver Kris Lounge...lounging for a bit, took a shower..was it refreshing!

Waiting for's a couple of photos of Silver Kris Lounge.