Saturday, 27 September 2008

Fast Food?

We ordered two cheese burgers and one large fries to take away...given the number 28 for our order. Paid for the orders....and waited..waited..15 minutes it took!

Fast food?? Maybe not so fast after all...

Friday, 26 September 2008

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

The Other Side of Ramadhan

Ramadhan is really a time for Muslims to be nearer to God, through the compulsory fasting (not fast from consuming food and drinks only, but also fast from our Earthly desires), more prayers (such the nightly Tarawih, Witir and other Qiamullail prayers), reading the Al Quran (either in groups (Tedarus) or individually) and many more.

There is however the 'other' side of Ramadhan - see the photos! Opportunity of business in preparation for the forthcoming Eidul Fitri celebrations after the month's fast...Sometimes, I feel that these 'opportunities' engulf the purpose of Ramadhan, and I feel that the essence of Ramadhan is forgotten...

Visits to Our Departed

Ramadhan is usually the time that we see flocks of families and relatives visit cemetries to offer 'doa arwah' and recital of the Surah Yaasin. It also is an opportunity for us to do good deeds such as giving away 'tahlil' books, umbrellas (provide shade during hot days), mats, stools and so on. The photo shows the numer of kettles given away...

HOWEVER, in doing our good deeds, offering doa and so on, a lot of us forget 'cleanliness'!! Litterbugs tend to just 'put' bottles, plastic bags, mats and so on in the huts, assuming that these are their gifts to others who visit the plea is please please do arrange your gifts nicely and orderly, and throw rubbish in the bin.

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Sungkai Time

We've tried out a number of good sungkai buffets this Ramadhan. Most were good with really good quality food, value for money, a good variety, well arranged seating, and friendly staff. I could say only one place dissapointed us, and course, no photos of that place uploaded here.

Here's some photos of good the places we've been to...and of course the food...

The children happy at the Goldiana Cafe, OGH

The Atrium, Empire Hotel & Country Club

Aahhh...Seafood at Seafood Paradise

Hot off the grill at Charcoal's

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Amy Rose The Hedgehog

I like Amy Rose the Hedgehog because she's pretty and it's my favourite colour.

I like her because she likes to smash her enemies using her big red hammer.

She likes Sonic the Hedgehog.

Posted by Ayo...

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Ramadhan Kareem

Umat Muslimin semua, Selamat Berpuasa...Ramadhan Kareem.

Hari ini, 13/9, kami mera'ikan bulan Ramadhan di rumah our dear uncle, Uda Lasak, dengan membaca doa selamat, sungkai, solat Maghrib, seterusnya Tahlil dan doa arwah...makan malam...solat Isyak, Tarawih dan Witir.

Makanan seperti biasa...banyak dan nyaman-nyaman.

Yummy cup-cakes by Alin...cukup lagi dangan nama-nama tu...

This is a slice of Ros' blueberry cheese cake..

Alhamdulillah, kami berkumpul, insya-Allah mengeratkan lagi silaturrahim.

Our young boys, menonton perlawanan bolak sepak diantara Man U dan Liverpool...A'ah was depressed, Man U lost tonight!! No glory! Mamat and Hafiy were in their Liverpool jerseys...real fans!

Majlis seterusnya insya-Allah di rumah Alin, majlis khatam al-Quran.

Pengembaraan Pacuan 4 Roda Ke Ulu Tutong, Binutan

Hari Ahad, 24 Ogos 2008. Serombongan anak-anak muda daripada kampung membuat sebuah pengembraan ke Binutan, Ulu Tutong.

Perjalanan mengambil masa kurang lebih 2 jam. Keadaan jalan tidaklah teruk sangat, ada jugalah lumpur di beberapa tempat. Ini lah peluang menggunakan pacuan 4 roda!

Sa'at-sa'at yang menarik ialah apabila kereta mereka "tersangkut" di dalam lumpur, dan adegan bertarik-bertunda-ber"winch" berlalu.

Di dalam rombongan ialah sebuah Suzuki jeep, sebuah Ford Ranger, sebuah Nissan Patrol, sebuah Toyota 4-Runner, sebuah Daihatsu Rocky dan sebuah Kia Rocsta. Di Bintuan mereka memancing, dan beroleh 15 ekor ikan..sambil santai dan BBQ.

Perjalanan balik dibasahi hujan, kali ini mengambil masa lebih daripada 3 jam.

Rancangan selanjutnya mungkin pada 1/11...ada mau "join"??

Monday, 8 September 2008

Gold Coast Australia

We went on holiday to Australia, in March 2008. The places we went to were the theme parks - Movie World, Sea World and Dream World - at the Gold Coast.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Blaze The Cat

We like Blaze the Cat because..she is the cutest animal and powerful. Posted by Eyah and Arin.

Fun at the Beach

23rd Feb 2008 - Fun and games at Pantai Seri Kenangan. It was Wafa Aniqah's birthday too - Happy 2nd Birthday anak!

Nini Gadong, Nini Babu, Nini Mama and Wangadi were at hand to give away the prizes to the winners.
Plenty of prizes to go around.

Pa Ya, Usu Ading and Uncle Usu came as winners in the sand-castle building competition...their castle even had Wembley Stadium!!

Uda too had fun picking sweets...

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

We watched Wall-E

A good movie to watch with the children. My children loved the movie, and of course the characters, Wall-E and Eve.