Saturday, 27 December 2008

BBQ @ Angels Beach, Tutong

On Thursday 25th, it was BBQ and picnic at the Angels Beach, Tutong. It's a wonderful beach, clean, well kept and complete with amenities.

On the scene first was us, and I set up the "barbee"... Then came Usu and LB, then Alin, Hj.Zaini and family, then Penih, Jat & bf and Baby, then Amal, then Bang Omar with Uda Puteh & Uda Ilah, Bapa & Babu came too, UL and family with their new Nissan Sunny, and lastly Idi Amri came with extra sausages. Alin did the pasta with the "help" of LB... and every one chipped in with the BBQ. A wonderful time..the children playing with the sand..and Bang Omar with his karaoke set.

Alas, came the rain around 2ish...when we were eating away. UJ warned us of the rain, as it was raining that morning at KB. Nevermind, we had fun, although we didn't play any games..that'll be continued some day!! Lots of prizes yet to be won!!
Here are the photos..happy viewing.

A bird's eye view of Angel's Beach

Mamat buried in sand...

"Cleaning the sand"???

Siblings...5 out of the 14; Usu, Uda Lasak, Babu, Uda Ilah and Penih

LB "lending" a helping hand to Alin

At the "barbee"..Amal, Ros and Baby

Amal concentrating on getting the chicken wings cooked!!

Usu & Hj.Zaini battling out "mengubak piasau"

Bang Omar with the karaoke system set-up

Eyah surveying the beach..and the sea..

LB & cheese!!

Uda Puteh in deep thought..

Bapa enjoying the coconut

Amal keeping dry from the rain..and obviuosly enjoying her food..

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Holiday @KL

We were at KL for the school holidays this year. Plenty of nice places visited, and of course plenty of shopping ( was Christmas and end of year sale!!)

Brooches....loads of them!

At Genting Highlands... visited Beryl's "chocolate house"

Yes, Genting was cold... and misty (up in the clouds!)
Our feet back on the Zoo Negara...

...watched the giraffes have their lunch.

Dinner to close the day..ikan bakar, gulai ala kampung..

Special thanks to Nordin, Asyraf and Sobri (not in the photo) for their time with us.